Monday, April 15, 2013

Drive by

I snapped this shot as a possible cover for a special section for the Patterson, Ca paper.  This shot is the wrong shape for the section but I love the lines, the feeling of movement and receding shapes from the palm trees. That and it has a sweet looking Model T car.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Lady liberty

Sometimes you just have to smile on assignment.  I was assigned to take some pictures for a tax filing season story and turned my camera on the woman trying to get customers for Liberty Tax Service. Since mid-January someone stands on the sidewalk of 11th Street near Lincoln Boulevard trying to drum up some tax return business. On the day I went by Carole Angulo dressed as the Statue of Liberty and her dog, Conchita, waved to cars passing by on 11th Street.

Crash landing

It seems like have a specialty for capturing moments in sporting events that don't go quite as planned.  This shot is part of a motor-drive sequence of an outfielder's attempt to capture a fly ball to shallow center field.  The player just missed the ball on his diving attempt.  I don't use autofocus on my camera and this was the only frame that was sharp as I pulled the focus following his run for the ball.  Sometimes I just get lucky I guess.