Monday, October 22, 2012


Sunset is a magical time to take photographs.  The light changes rapidly and in the growing darkness are a myriad of hues and tones that can turn an ordinary scene into magical.

I made my yearly trek to the Isenberg Crane Reserve wetlands outside Lodi to watch the Sandhill crane arrive at sunset.  It's a quiet and peaceful place occupied by a variety of migrating waterbirds and assorted other fowl.

As sunset approached the sky was filled with he cackle of the cranes as they returned for the nightly roost.  Their long graceful wings silhouetted against the sky and gathering storms clouds as they neared their destination.

Colors changed rapidly, the cool tones of the cloud filled sky slipped to yellow as the sun broke beneath the clouds rim. The late afternoon sun a warm yellow glow reflected in the moisture of the sky.  Nearer the sun a dark cheery red glow dominated the sky as the cranes wheeled about looking for a place to land.

The sunset which seems to take forever to arrive disappears quickly leaving a glow painting the clouds above the wetlands.  Dark, brooding clouds are tinged with red as they take the last fiery glow of the day's sunlight.

Eventually the sky grows a pale,cold blue and then maroon as twilight envelopes the sky.  The last glimpse of sunlight has surrendered to the night.

It may sound corny but it is a magical time, to watch the sunsets arrival.  The beauty of a sunset is a sight to behold and treasure and adding the graceful movements of the cranes is icing on the cake.

Sometime in the next month or so I will make a return trek to Isenberg but this time to watch the wonder of the sunrise over the wetlands and the morning departure of the cranes for the day.  It is a wonderful time to be looking through the camera lens and moments to cherish with others.