Monday, June 28, 2010

Muir Woods

We thought we would be beating the valley heat with this hike but heading up to Mount Tamalpais for a trip to Muir Woods would be an adventure. Warm temperatures and lots of humidity greeted us as we went on about an 8-mile hike around Muir Woods on the Mountain Home Bootjack Loop trail hike.

The sights were stunning to say the least, hiking among the redwoods with wildflower peeking out into the sunlight. Our trail book described it as a moderate 4.7-mile hike but the distance had to be closer to eight with a good mile of steep stairs and trail with treacherous tree roots to grab your ankles and toes. It was a strenuous hike to say the least but the views were spectacular.

Reaching Van Wyck Meadow we were greeted by thousands of Lady bugs as they flew from one grass stalk to the next. It was a little weird walking through the meadow and get pelted by the kamikaze bugs.

This was our second trip to Mount Tamalpais this summer and our hardest hike of the year. We are going to cool off with some coastal explorations and enjoy the sea breezes in our lenses.