Monday, November 29, 2010

Rogaine for ferrets

I am not sure what happened to this fellow at the Tracy Animal Shelter.  For some reason this ferret visiting the Animal Shelter is sporting the Kojak look-sort of, maybe half.  Anyhow it looks downright weird.
This female ferret was found wandering around a backyard in town and was brought to the shelter.  Ferrets are illegal in California so it is not clear what will happen to it.  Nor is it clear why it lost over half the fur on its body.
It sort of has that hairless rat look about it now.  It seemed pretty calm about having its picture taking, but I couldn't tell if it was shaking from being nervous about the camera or just cold from no fur.  Go figure.


kristydeskus said...

This ferret has Adrenal Gland Disease. My male just died from it. They lose all their hair and shake badly. It has a tumor on it's adrenal gland. Not really a joking matter.....

Glenn Moore said...

Wow, it's just a ferret, get over it.