Sunday, April 29, 2012

Snake, rattle and roll

I get my first chance to lead a small group on a hike and what do I lead them into?  A rattlesnake.  I have all the fun on the trail.

I headed out to Morgan Territory to take Tracy Press copy editor Melanie Smith and her friend Ryan on a hike ans show them the wide open spaces.  Making our way up Stone Corral Trail toward Volvon Trail a fellow hiker warned us of small rattlesnake ahead on the right hand side of the trail near a small set of rocks.
Cautiously approaching the area I scanned the trail for the snake and there he was curled up enjoying the morning sunshine.  I got my group past safely and stopped for a few pictures.  He was a cute little gut about a foot-and-a-half, maybe two feet long.  Looks like a youngster with only 4 or 6 rattles.

A short time later I saw a lone rock sitting in the trail and made a careful loof around the backside  of the rock.  Resting partly in the shade was another snake, much smaller, maybe 10 or so inches long.  He looked like a baby rattler out on the trail but looking at his photo I'm not sure now.  it might be a common gopher snake.  Then again it could have been a rattlesnake.  best just to leave him alone.
Two snakes in one hike a few minutes apart, does it get any better than that on the trail?

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