Friday, July 4, 2008

Big bang theory

I was assigned to shoot the fireworks display over Tracy High's football field this evening. I have been up since about 4:00 am so if I got anything in focus I would be happy.

I planned on exposures of 2 seconds but I gave that up right way and switched to shooting in the bulb mode. I had my camera mounted on a tripod and that helped keep the shots steady.

I was stuck between lenses. A 70 mm lens was to long and a 16-35mm zoom was too short. somewhere in the 40-60mm range would have bneen ideal but I muddled through the best I could.

I managed to h=get a few multiple bursts with some 5 or six second exposures. Framing was a nightmare as I constantly chased the motar round. Too high, too low, too far to the right it was a difficult shoot. I did manage to squeeze off a few decent exposures.

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friend S said...

I am new to reading blogs. I love your photos. These are beautiful.