Thursday, November 6, 2008


Someone told me a story about an abandoned house off south Macarthur Drive that has become a haven for dozens of feral cats. What is odd is that the cats don’t share the common feral trait of being skittish around people.

I pulled up to the home only to have a welcome party dash toward my car. I have to admit it is a little odd to be out in the middle of nowhere and be surrounded by the friendly felines.

There are plans to remove the cats from the house and property for safety and health reasons and can’t help but wonder how many are actually living in this country cathouse.


Zainad said...

Very interesting!!! It's good to hear these cats were not really wild.

How did you happen to go to this place?

MS said...

I imagine they might have thought you had food for them, thus explaining the friendly behavior.
Cats do that when they are hungry.