Friday, November 21, 2008

Slow news day

So I am in the newsroom today when I take a call from the KOVR channel 13 station out of Sacramento. The reporter says they are looking at the Tracy Press website and they would like to use the photo of the car that crashed into and through the brick wall around the Bank of America parking lot.

I check with the editor and she oks the use so I ship it off to the television station. Then it really strikes me odd. What in the hell is a Sacramento television station going to do with a picture of a non-injury crash in Tracy that is a day old? I mean being in the state capitol with stories varying from budget crisis’s, a new president coming into power, the war in Iraq , the worsening recession, Proposition 8 fallout and all the professional sports you can think of I guess there must not be anything local to cover on a Friday. Wow, must be a real slow news day.

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