Thursday, February 5, 2009

Psycho cat

It’s a bad sign when as you’re walking into the cat kennel room I’m told that I will be taking a picture of the “talking cat”. That was bad sign #1. Bad sign #2 were the anguished screams of a shelter worker as the dug its claws into her flesh. No doubt about it, I was dealing with a psycho cat.

From the editor’s psycho dog to the shelter’s psycho cat I am surrounded by crazed animals. Nobody sits still for the camera anymore. It is spin, bark, hiss, meow and poop, anything to avoid the camera lens.

So this coming week’s pet of the week at the Tracy Animal Shelter had plans on not being photographed. She tried her best to contort, claw and burrow her away into hiding. I shot as fast as I could to try and capture the few fleeting glimpses of her face.

At least I didn’t wind up with a claw embedded in my camera or leave the shelter trailing blood.

1 comment:

Excitement P said...

The cat was in heat. That is why she was talking. If only you could understand what she was saying....