Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Birds

Alice and I took a break from the Halloween haunts for a sunset trip to Lodi to see the annual visitation of the Sandhill Cranes at the Isenberg Crane Reserve.

The reserve is a vast wetlands just off Interstate 5 that plays host to variety of birds through the winter month migrations.  Ducks, geese and other birds make their nightly roost at the reserve along with the Sandhill Cranes.  Lodi will celebrate the return of the crane at their 14th annual Sandhill Crane Festival this coming weekend.

The cranes have an almost prehistoric appearance as they arch through the sky.  As sunset approached waves of the cranes appeared on the horizon as thousands settled in the marsh for the evening.

We are planning a sunrise trip to see the cranes as they awake for their day and head out for the daily forage for food.  As far as tonight's adventure it was a great way to spend Halloween in the dwindling light without a single trick-or-treater in sight.


Safari Mom said...

As always Glenn great shots great composition you are the bomb :) Your the best teacher and a hell of a hiking partner.

Anonymous said...

such wonderful pics..hats off to u :)