Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Rise of the Pumpkin Man

I thought last Halloween's flaming steel pumpkin man built for a party in rural Tracy was one of the coolest Halloween yard decorations I have seen.  Nothing says Halloween like a towering steel skeleton belching flame.  What could top that?  Hmm, how about a towering steel ghoul nearly as tall as a house that stands up and flails it's arms in a fiendish frenzy?  Behold the rise of the Pumpkin Man.

Kirk has created another nightmarish piece this time to dress his home this Halloween.  An 11-foot-tall Pumpkin Man will greet Halloween visitors to his north Tracy home belching air instead of flames as it rises from his driveway to frighten unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.
The pneumatic driven creature will rise and flail its arms as other animated inhabitants of his haunted front yard clang into action.  Kirk tries to design something different each year and the animated monsters has tested his mechanical skills as he sets the creature into motion.
It is sure to be a frightening site come Halloween night.

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