Sunday, January 15, 2012

New year, new hikes

With a new year of hikes ahead I headed out to Morgan Territory to to get back on the trail.  I was greeted with one of the coldest hikes I can remember.

Blowing fog and a cold wind whipped over the park as I headed out rom the staging area.  I was hiking solo today taking a short 6-mile loop and it was going to be a chilly time.

The lack of rain left the trail rock hard and it felt like I was hiking on cement.  The hills were brown instead of a lush green from winter rains.  Winds whipped the trails sending dirt and leaves everywhere.

I made my way along the trails shivering in the winds as it whipped across the grasslands and open spaces of the park's valley.  Clouds and layers of fog raced across the sky above me as the sunlight filtered through the gray mist to the trail.

Hopefully the rains will come this week and I can look forward to returning to the waterfalls sometime soon.  It was cold today but a good time back on the trail.

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