Sunday, March 18, 2012

Holy crap it won!

Wow.  Of all the photos I shot in 2011, of the fires, the accidents, the grief and tragedy what did I win an award for?  A picture of a guy's ass.  No lie.  I won 1st Place Sports Feature photo in the San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers 38th Annual News Photography and Video Competition for a photo of a streaker at a Tracy High baseball game. Let the celebration commence.

I always thought this was the best photo I took that never got published.  Who was I kidding, there was no way we would ever put a guy's ass cheeks in print.  It never even made it to the wall of shame in the newsroom where photos rejected by the editor go to live in infamy.

So..... it won first place. No shit!  I thought this was the only shot I entered that had a chance of winning.  I sort of thought it had a chance then I didn't, then I figured I must have won for something else.

To tell you the truth I am glad I didn't go to the awards banquet.  I would feel like a pervert getting an award for taking a picture of a guy's ass.  It just seems creepy.

Anyhow I sort of feel vindicated for taking the picture, I wonder how the Tracy Press will talk about me winning an award for a picture it can't run.  Seems fitting sort of?

Oh well congratulations to me, BOOYA!  FIRST PLACE!

If you are going to talk shit on me about this post or photo, screw on a pair of ball and use your name, your real name.  Anonymous doesn't mean dick to me.

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Anonymous said...

That's hilarious!!
Thanks for the commentary.