Friday, March 2, 2012

On track

My college photojournalism instructor looked at one of my photos and in his critique of my work said "all composition, no content."  I remember I felt crushed at his words but now I am starting to think what wrong with that?
I covered the first track meet of the year on Thursday and I always think I better have a well composed and interesting photo.  Track is pretty easy to shoot, you always know where the athlete is going to be it's just a matter of waiting for the moment they reach that point/.  Therefore the photographer needs to spend some time crafting the composition.
I tried for a couple of unique angles from Thursday's meet.  It's always nice to try and give the reader a different look at the action.  I tried some wide angle shots  and low perspectives just to mix it up.
I think I came back with a couple of different views, it gets boring shooting the same thing day after day.  A unique perspective and careful composition can spice up the most mundane of assignments.

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