Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back in front of the camera

John Harvey preparing for the Fresno Relays at Fresno State in 1986.
 Glenn Moore/Daily Collegian
What are the chances I would be on assignment photographing the same person with a 26-year wait between shoots? I was on assignment to photograph the Tracy Cougars John Harvey on a story about football and concussions and after I was done with the pictures he asked me if attended Fresno State in 1986? I said I did and he told me that he had a picture, framed no less, that I took of him when he was attending a Fresno area high school. 
John Harvey on July 31, 2012 talking about concussion safety for the Tracy Cougars.
 Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
He had been at the university preparing for the Fresno Relays track meet and I took a photo of him running the hurdles. 26 years ago, so many pictures and people since then but I find myself taking Harvey’s photo again for a paper. What are the chances! 

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