Monday, August 6, 2012

Off the wall

I was expecting a hot time on the trail Sunday but I was pleasantly surprised.  Mild temperatures, fog and cool breeze greeted Alice and I as we trekked Mount Diablo's Pine Canyon along the Wall Point Trail Loop.

Our hike kicked off from Macedo Ranch near the southern Base of Mount Diablo.  We would climb the Canyon Ridge along Wall Point Trail and make the loop coming back along BBQ Terrace Road.  it is just under 8 miles with a climb of just over 2,00 feet.

I had prepared for a hot hike under a blazing August sun but our start was shrouded in blowing fog drifting across the trail.  Making our way up the ridge cows grazed in the cool morning as the sun dipped in and out of sight.  The day seemed more like a late April or early May hike than the first week of August.  We weren't complaining much, we knew the afternoon sun would burn off our fog cover eventually and leave us sweltering on the exposed trail.

The hike is mostly on wide fire roads that see few hikers.  Our only company was the occasional mountain biker who would rush past us on downhill in the road.  For the most part we were alone crossing the ridge along the canyon.  After a steep climb up a grassy hill we reached our turn and headed back down the canyon.  Midway into our descent a young deer leaped on the trail in front of us.    He glanced at the two of us and then raced up the hill to  stand of trees.  Like the good photographer I'm not I didn't have my camera ready to capture his leap as he scampered over the trail but it was beautiful sight to be behold.

The sun came out for our return leg but a steady breeze kept our hike pleasant as we walked the sandy trail.  A few birds joined us for the trek back but we mostly enjoyed the quiet and sun filtering through the trees,

Our last mile or so we began to feel the heat radiating from the trail but still it was one of the most mild Mount Diablo summer hikes we have made.  I'm sure I won't luck out with such cool temperatures the next time I tackle the ridge but the day was one to remember.  Good company, beautiful views and fun walk along the entrance to Diablo's trails.  Couldn't have asked for a better day on the trail.