Sunday, July 29, 2007

A lesson in light and shadow

This weekend’s hike took my hiking partner Alice Delaurier-O’Neil and I to Tilden Regional Park in Berkley. The hike was easy with cool temperatures as we went from botanical garden to eucalyptus groves to lakeshore.

What was different in this hike was the wide variety of ecosystems we encountered and along with them the changes in light. One minute in a desert setting, next in a lush rain forest. The ever-changing settings were a challenge to photograph with their low light and monochrome colors.

I still may be learning to see creatively again but I definitely see light and shadow well. This hike’s photography was more a study of light and the accompanying shadows than any photography I have done in a while.

Vibrant colors, soft shadows and sunlit splendors were all on the pallet. It was a fun shoot as I remembered the lessons of light and shadow.


Care said...

As always, Glenn, gorgeous! Wish I was there to see the Beauty up close and personal.

Would you do me a favor? Cheri sent me the tourguide, beachdance, beachparty, and bridgecrossing pics that you snapped on our outing, but I can't seem to open them from the attachments. Probably my old as the hills desktop pc, but let's give it another try, if you don't mind. Thanx a million! care

Anonymous said...

Nice shots Glenn. Glad you're having fun in the great outdoors, and remembering the more beautiful and important things in life!