Sunday, July 1, 2007

Tennessee waltz

After a week of long shifts and chasing spot news around town I was ready for a change of pace. I had been planning another hike with friends and a chance for more relaxed shooting. This week’s hike would be a change of pace with a trip to the Golden Gate National Recreation Area’s picturesque Marin Headlands for a hike down the Tennessee Valley trail.

Near Sausalito, the collection of trails offers a variety of skill levels and sights for hikers. Our trail for the day was a trip down the Tennessee Valley trail to Tennessee Beach.

The views were spectacular for photos. From gulls cruising the wave tops to feathers in the sand to dancing on the cliffs it was a day made for picture taking.

Our trip was capped with a visit to Point Bonita Lighthouse located at the bottom of the Marin Headlands. A short hike from the parking lot, through a tunnel carved into the cliffs and across a small suspension bridge and more photo opportunities at the lighthouse awaited.

It was a good change of pace behind the camera, sometimes it is more fun to chase ocean waves than scanner calls.

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Care said...

Glenn - So terrific! The pics are postcard beautiful! Danielle - the world's bravest cliff dancer - will attach me some you sent her. Thanx so much, Glenn, you have a wonderful talent.

Relishing nature is one of the more renewing enterprises imaginable. South Dakota boasts some lovely sites as well. Come east sometime.