Friday, August 24, 2007

Food for thought

John Bacchetti looks over the progress of his crop of baby lima beans in a field off Koster Road outside of Tracy. The 150 acre field is one of several fields he farms for beans. The weather has been good and Bacchetti thinks he will have a good harvest in about a month. What is odd is where these beans will head. Not to a soup pot, nor a salad or even a grocery store near us. These beans are headed overseas to Japan.

Bacchetti’s crop will head to Japan where it will be used in the cookie and candy manufacturing business. The baby lima beans with their white color are prized for their use as a base in the candy business. The beans are transformed into a past which is then mixed with sweeteners, flavors and coloring to form the base and filling for cookies and candies manufactured in Japan. A whole field of dessert, mmmm dessert!

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Care said...

Gorgeous picture, Glenn. Funny, just today I was gazing over our Watertown, South Dakota fruited plains ripe with golden grains. I think they are beautiful.

The see-through bean is fabulous. Good enough to eat, I daresay! And I think I prefer limas in a candy paste rather than just plain ol' veggie beans.