Friday, February 8, 2008


I have been reading a book about landscape photography and one of the key elements the author talks about is depth. The concept of capturing a 3-dimensional subject and producing it on a 2-dimensional media is challenging and one of the points the author notes is imparting a sense of depth by using foreground and background elements for the photo.

With those words fresh in mind today I noticed this juxtaposition while on assignment today. I like the tree giving the tower a sense of scale and the receding lines for distance. It may not be what the author of the book had exactly in mind but I still like this picture.

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Care said...

That is a cool photo, Glenn. Those watertowers are all over the place in Watertown. I pass several on my rides but never thought to photograph one.

Way to keep growing in the photographic field. Lifetime learner you are.