Saturday, February 9, 2008

Falls Trail

I had been waiting to get back on the hiking trail and after heavy rains of January today’s sunny and warm weather was just the ticket for the first hike of the season. Hiking partner Alice DeLaurier-O'Neil picked out a great hike to the Falls Trail of Mount Diablo.

All that rain would be put to good use as it would fuel Donner Creek and the series of falls that feed into it. A 1200-foot climb on the nearly six-mile hike awaited us on trail.

I was anxious to get out and take pictures so I could test out my latest piece of camera hardware, a Canon 40D with 10-22mm wide-angle lens.

Our hike took us along a sometimes muddy trail that wound its way up Donner Creek Canyon. We made our way up pausing at the creek crossings and falls for pictures.

The roar of the water flow greeted us we turned and twisted our way up the Falls Trail loop. I experimented at the falls with slow shutter speeds to capture the rushing water as we roamed in the waters path for just the right angle.

Cool temperatures followed us as we hiked through the chaparral country and we began our descent back toward Clayton our waiting car. One last view we missed on our way in was a field of flowers marking the coming of spring.

It was a fantastic hike and a great way to start our outdoor season. I hope to have many more photo shoots with my 40D along the trail this spring and summer.


Cheri said...

Wow! The water shots are spectacular!

Safari Mom said...

Great Pic that new lens is fantastic. New Camera New Lens and a great photographer what more could you ask for. Thanks for a great hike!

Care said...

Is that falls hike something we could do again this summer, Glenn? I'm moaning outloud as I gaze at your First of the Season hike - in February, for weeping outloud - and the spring wildflowers. We won't see those until late May. No wonder everybody and their beached whale migrate west. I'm considering it myself ~ negative 35 degree wind chills in SD today.

And I agree with Cheri, I could nearly hear the singing in those water shots.

Tonya said...

I think I need one of those water shots hanging up in my living room. Boy, do I miss working with talented photogs...

Anonymous said...

I also picked up the Canon 10-22mm lens recently. The lens is amazing! I recently shot the interior of the Tracy city hall with that lens and am very impressed. view images Nice water shots too.