Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar spectacle

If you cast your gaze skyward this eveing you might have caught this celestial sight. A total lunar eclipse, the last until 2010 inched across the sky starting shortly after 5:30 pm. By 7:00 pm an earthly ornage glow was cast across the face of the moon.

Photographing along side Alice Delaurier-O'Neil we used tripods to steady our shots as we braved the chilly evening weather. We retreated once into the warmth of her house and hot chocoalte while clouds obsured our view. Overall it was a great sight to behold and worth our cold numb fingers.


Safari Mom said...

Bravo what a great time we had I love your pics and thank you for all the pointers

MT said...

Great shots Glenn!
Please share with us what equipment you used (camera, lens, f-stop, etc...).

Glenn Moore said...

Camera used was a Canon Eos 40D digital camera. Most of the shots were taken with a 300 mm f.4.0 lens with 1.4 extender attached. the wide shot of the moon in eclipse was taken with a 70-200 mm f.4.0 lens.
Exposures were taken with an ISO setting of 800 with f stop settings from f.8 at 1/4 of a sec with the moon in eclipse to f.22 at 1/200 of a sec as the shadow cleared the moon.
I checked the xposure frequently on the lcd screen to make sure the shadow detail was clear enough and the highlights of the sun reflection was not to washed out.
Hope this info helps!