Monday, October 27, 2008

Backyard discoveries

Hiking through trails around the valley I have been struck with the beautiful sights found around me. But I guess I forgot about those places closer to home. I took a quick camera trip though a familiar place today as I walked around my parent’s backyard with a point and shoot camera.

I must have taken hundreds of photos in the backyard when I was young photo student at Tracy High. No sight from tree and plants to the clouds up above escaped my lens. I can’t remember when I started taking those sights for granted but somewhere along the line I guess I stopped looking very hard what was around me. Now with a newfound approach to seeing on the trail I walked the backyard with my dad as we saw the ordinary sights that peer at us day to day anew.

Just as on the trail I looked for the nice light, the bright and bold colors and the form and textures that seem pleasing to the eye. I can’t remember how many times I ignored the ferns but they seemed to glow today as I visited the backyard in the early afternoon light.

It was a good lesson, hiking trails with their sweeping vistas can grant my camera an inspiring vision, but those sights close to home and heart are just as beautiful.

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Safari Mom said...

They are fantastic. it should give point and shooters a new hope for great pics. So get your cameras out.
Thanks Glen