Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prayer for Photographers

This is a prayer written by my friend Alice. She always has a way of making me feel better when I am feeling down.

Rev Alice DeLaurier-O’Neil
My Prayer for Photographers (that includes all of us who take pictures with our eyes and store them in our minds and hearts)

May the wind blow just right
May the clouds radiate light
May your shutter never fail
And may God shine upon you even when you think you might fail.
For you will capture light, happiness, love, sorrow and pain.
May you capture it with integrity, insight and love.
Just as God captures us all in God’s heart.


Safari Mom said...

Thanks Glenn for the supreme complement of posting this prayer and doing with BW photos.

Melanie said...

Hey, that last photo looks familiar ... it's on my wall =)

Good for Alice. Someone has to keep you smiling!

Caren or Danielle said...

Very lovely, Alice and Glenn. Best to you...