Thursday, March 5, 2009

Big bird

Of all sights I thought I could see in the farmlands of French Camp this guy wasn't one of them. Pulling up to an assignment at a chicken ranch I noticed an ostrich eyeballing me from acrss the street.

Dont's ask me who or why but there it was grazing in the pasture among the horses and steers. A big bird indeed, it might be an emu, I have no idea what the differences are between ostrich and emu.

It walked about the pasture pecking at grasses and eventually made its way to the fence where it watched the traffic go by and the photographer across the street.

I am not sure what the ostrich is there for, maybe someone is collecting the eggs. On the otherhand I hear Fuddruckers serves up a mean ostrich burger.

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Anonymous said...

FYI: These big birds are used to protect the flock. They alert to danger such as wolves or cyotes. They sound an alarm when anthing dangerous is nearby. I'm suprised he wasn't screaming his head on when you were taking his pic! :) And they can kill a man with one kick. LOL