Monday, March 16, 2009

Water wonderland

You know you are in store for a spectacular hike when the first sound you hear stepping out of the car is the sound of water roaring through a creek. This Sunday’s hike took us to the waterfalls of the Uvas Canyon County Park in Morgan Hill.

The water flow was grand as the water traveled through Swanson Creek and spilled along the hiking trail. We followed the Waterfall Loop Trail and caught the sights of the water cascading through the rocks.

What amazed me the most were the colors along the trail and the creek. Crystal clear water splashed and covered the rd and orange rocks and followed the moss-covered stones in the creek bed. Water foamed white along the falls in stark contrast to the black rocks on the hillside.

We spent hours on the trail, as every turn on the trail revealed another falls in the creek. We stopped for a lunch of salami and cheese in a light drizzle as the water pounded from a nearby waterfall.

It has to be the prettiest hike Alice and I have been on together. Tucked away in a quiet canyon Uvas Canyon County Park is a gem among the hills and trees and well worth a photographic adventure along the creek.

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