Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring fever

Baseball season is in full swing around Tracy and being the only photographer means I shoot a lot of innings. I have already lost count of how many games I have covered and the youth baseball teams just got underway today.

Shooting baseball isn't all that hard, half the battle is making sure you are in the right spot to capture the action. The action is always going to be at one of the bases, it is just a matter of paying attention and keeping good focus on the action.

The biggest problem covering today's Tracy High baseball game was the weather. Vicious winds swept the filed and between the chill in the air and the blowing dust it made for a long game. At least I came back with some decent images for my troubles.

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Anonymous said...

Glenn - Great pictures as always. I've told everyone who visits my website ( check out your blog and view the great pics.