Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I love reading the comments of the Tracy Press web site. If you can make it past the racist remarks or the posted in all upper case eyestrain there is a good joke in there every now and then. I love a couple of the comments about the graffiti mess over at Clyde Bland Park. A couple of people suggested the paper adopt an editorial policy to report on graffiti but to never show it. Good idea, will add that right next to the policy of never showing blood at a crime scene and no showing dead bodies at a fatal accident scene.
Yes I am sure the only reason gang members or taggers mark buildings and sidewalks is so they can see the pictures appear in the Tracy Press. I am sure that is the only reason. I bet they would call us and let us know where they have tagged so I don't have to wait and hear the reports on the scanner if they knew we would run the picture on the cover.
Actually I bet the graffiti would be there with or without a picture in the paper. And a two line entry in the police blotter about graffiti at a park does not convey the amount or severity of the damage done like a photo does. When a police officer says this is some of the most extensive graffiti he has seen the need for a photo is overwhelming.
Am I glorifying or publicizing their handiwork? Hardly. Let people see what is going on around them and hopefully put the pressure on to get of the problem.

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