Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Collision course

I saw this train wreck coming a mile away. I was covering a West High baseball game against St. Marys when a fly ball to shallow center field sent three player chasing after the ball. A recipe for disaster.

I had my 300mm lens on and follow-focused on the center fielder charging in hard. When I caught another player moving into the frame from the right I pressed the shutter release down and held it knowing there was going to be trouble.

My 8-frames-a-second motor drive captured the final two seconds of the collision giving me 16 frames to choose from. I was torn between a wide shot showing the ball heading down and a frame showing bodies splayed about the field. I ma not sure which picture the page editors will choose for the paper but I had enough of a variety to pick from.

It is good that no one was injured and even better the outfielder held onto the ball for the out. The following photos are a sample of the sequence of the impact.

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