Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In the mouth of madness

So you know it's a slow news day when the morning's excitement is watching a coworker eat the new fat sandwich from KFC. Technically it's called a Double Down but in reality it should be called the Big Box O' Fat.

So Tracy Press columnist and associate editor Jon Mendelson volunteered to be the newsroom Guinea pig and try the sandwich made from two fried chicken breasts stuffed with bacon and cheese. His take on the experience can be read here.

This thing is nasty looking. It is a fat encrusted fried monstrosity dripping melted cheese like puss out of a open sore. Little bits of bacon hung out the ends and it just seemed to ooze grease. Placing it on a paper napkin left oil stains like a tanker struck on a reef pouring out its toxic cargo. Yeah it looked tasty.

So I shot as Jon tried to eat the sandwich and not go into cardiac arrest as the film of fat coated his arteries. I thought maybe if he died in mid bite we could get a story about the EMS fees too but he made it through.

I guess I have seen worse at accident scenes but the layers of grease, bacon and cheese are enough to turn all but the hardiest stomach away. As for me I will stick with my six cups of coffee, it seems healthier somehow.

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Mike McLellan, D. Min. said...

You are so subtle... so tell us what you think of the sandwich.