Thursday, April 29, 2010

Try and try again

Shooting this picture of Tracy High's Kevin Speer throwing the shot put seems like no big deal but it took a little time and effort to get the look I wanted. I was trying to get the shot put ball just off the athlete's fingers so I had to shoot a few frames to get the moment I wanted. 90 frames to be exact. 15 throws by different competitors and the last sequence I shot had just the right combination of ball, body and facial expression. Earlier frames either still had the shot put in his hand or two far away or out of the frame completely so I had to work on my timing of when to pull the trigger. I was standing at the very end of the shot put sand shooting with my 300 mm lens and an exposure of 1/4000th of a second at f.6.5 with and ISO sensitivity setting of 800. Looking back at the earlier throws in the shoot I am glad I hung in there and kept working to get the right moment, I think it makes for a nice photo.

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