Friday, March 11, 2011

The long and short of it

While both of these sports photos have the main subject at about the same size in the frame they couldn't be more different.

The hurdler picture was shot with my 300mm f.4 lens set to the widest aperture.  The long jump shot was taken with a 16-35mm zoom lens set to 16mm and the f-stop around f-11.  I didn't even look through the lens but set the camera down just shy of the sand pit and aimed toward the runway.
At first glance it may look like I held the same distance to the both subjects but I was several dozen  yards away from the hurdler-I was well behind the finish line as she was cross the second or third to last hurdle when I snapped this shot.  For the jumper I was crouched just a few feet way hoping not to get pelted by the sand on the landing.

Two different perspectives with two different lenses that yield a sort of similar shot.  It never hurts to try a different location or lens on assignment and look for that different view.

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