Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring colors

With the official start of spring a week away the colors of the season have already begun to spring forth as wildflower bloom along the trail during our hike at the Briones Regional Park's Lafayette Ridge Trail.

The trail is a popular one for dogs and their owners as they wind their way up along the dirt path.  The trail was steep and muddy in spots as a light rain fell occasionally on our hike.  On the side of the trail wildflowers emerged from the grasses as the first sign of springs approach.

The light rains sprinkled drops on spiderwebs and the plants making for some interesting photo opportunities.  I packed my macro and shot most of my photos on the hike today with it.

We are planning a return trip to the park next week to the other side where the trail is said to be even more colorful.  We hope our first day of spring will bring us a bounty of colors to see.

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