Monday, August 15, 2011

Double ugly

Meet Doug, or as he is known around the Tracy Animal Shelter- "Double Ugly".

I didn't know it but there is a secret code for talking about ugly dogs.  If you have a butt ugly, hideous mutt you name him "Doug" which is doggie code for "Double Ugly".

So Doug here is truly monstrous in his appearance.  He looked like a character from some B grade horror movie slithering across the ground.

H e snarled and snapped and tried to chew through the leash to get to me but to no available.  His ugliness was only matched by his viciousness.  We managed to keep him under control and get a few frames before he could rip my windpipe out.
Yeah Doug is not the most handsome of all dogs but I guess he deserves a shot at a new home. Doug and his friends are available for adoption at the Tracy Animal Shelter.

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