Monday, August 1, 2011

Above the rim

When I taught the photojournalism workshop the other day one of the things I stressed was changing perspectives and viewpoints.  I believe in the motto "practice what you preach" so out on assignment I looked for a different view of a hoop camp.
With a low height basketball rim I had an easy way to make a change of perspective, I would shoot as high as I could near the rim looking down on the action.  I didn't have a chair or ladder handy so I did the standby of stretching the camera as high above me as I could reach in what we call the "Hail Mary" shot-we pray we get something in focus in the frame.  I have no idea what I am shooting as I can't see in the finder.
Some newer DSLR cameras have a fold down view screen which makes this much easier but I just used a wide angle lens, tried to frame the scene a little loose and did my best.  I had a tendency to tilt the horizon but when you have shot like this it sort of adds to pictures odd viewpoint dynamic.  Overall I had a few shots that I really liked and told the story from a different viewpoint.

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