Monday, September 26, 2011

First fall

As September slips away and the days grow short the summer has officially ended.  Fall is here and soon the colors will change on the leaves and the warm winds will grow cool as the season changes.  The muddy months will come soon on the mountain and trails.

On Saturday I took the first hike of fall by myself.  I needed the quiet time and the solitude of Morgan Territory was perfect for my needs.  The scenery changes as fast as the weather going from the damp coolness of Coyote Trail forest to the arid grasslands of Volvon ended in the cool breezes on my return leg.

Soon the rains will come, the trail will darken and we will explore the winter scenes of the waterfalls and streams that flow around us.  But for now I enjoyed the Fall of colors as they beckon a change in the season.

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