Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rock on

Our hikes have been getting a little strenuous lately and our weekend hike was quite the adventure as we headed Castle Rock State park for a hike and a little rock climbing.

We met up with Alice’s son Patrick who is a rock climber as he led us on a hike around the park looking for stone walls to explore.

The hike was nice through manzanita groves and past sandstone formations.  Humid temperatures made it a little grueling but we were fortunate to have shade to hike through.  

We found a couple of spots for Patrick to climb and Alice and I even had the opportunity to take a turn carefully inching our way up the stone face.

Hiking will take this weekend off to make way for Bean Festival and September 11th memorials coverage but the week after that I will test my mettle with a solo adventure on the slopes of Mount Diablo.

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