Monday, October 10, 2011


This was just what the doctor ordered.  Here I am trying to beat a case of laryngitis when I have the uber joy of shooting a soccer game in the rain.  Yay for me.
It wasn't a driving reain, just enough to force the rain jacket on and make my cough even better. I also had to keep checking the lens and eyepiece for rain drops. The rain dropped the contrast down and for the life of me I fought the focus all night long.   And whatever you do don't drop the camera down and take a breath, you will fog the eyepiece for the next three plays.
At least I didn't suffer alone.  People actually camer out to watch high school soccer in the rain.  they huddled under their umbrellas and were miserable just like me.  At least I got paid to watch the game.
Oh yes it is a joy to shoot in the rain.  Even more when breathing is a an option.   This unseasonable rain is bringing me down.  I'm ready for 80 degree weather anytime now.

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