Monday, October 17, 2011

Through a lens darkly

Some of our hikes our adventures, some are exploring and some are just a long trek to the outdoors.  Then there was our hike on Saturday.  Taking a rare afternoon start we headed to Castro Valley's Five Canyon Open Space for one of the more unusual hikes we have taken.

So imagine parking in a residential street then a fe shirt steps later you are delving into brush with spiders and the occasional sly glimpse of a deer on the trail.  Above the steady drone of cars traveling on Interstate 580 fills the air.  Yes it was a weird moment as we headed into a wilderness carved out next to suburbia.

It was a short hike for us, and I really didn't take that many photographs.  But the ones I did make it have an almost disturbing uneasiness to them.  They look out of place, more imagined than discovered on the trail.

I think Mount Diablo is calling for my next hike, wash out these brooding images from my mind and back to the splendor of the trail.

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