Monday, October 24, 2011

True colors

The days are growing shorter and the hot winds of summer are turning into a distant memory as fall settles over the valley.  The colors are deepening as the leaves turn their dark colors.  This is a great time to be a photographer.

Alice and I decided to check the trails of Mount Diablo for the colors of fall and see if we kind find a tarantula or two on their daily rounds.  We chose Black Point Trail which takes us to White Canyon.Our last trip there was in February when the mountain is deep in winter.  The colors and hues are different now as the the mountain readies for the long stretch of gray.   But we had one last view of the mountain's true colors, a rainbow palate as we head into the dark months.

For this hike we tackled the steepest section of the trail first, making our was slowly up the trail looking for a glimpse of a tarantula roaming about.  We never found one but  we enjoyed the fading colors in the trees and hillsides.  An occasional new flower would sprout, one last chance before the winds of winter arrive.

It was a great hike, so different from last weeks melonchloy colors and dark tones.  The vibrant colors and sunshine across the rugged trail were reminders why I like the mountain so much.  Even as the colors fade and the rains will eventually come the mountain will take on a new life awash with streams and waterfalls and we will visit the rugged trails again.

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