Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Over hill and dale

Our last hike a week or so ago was a trip to a small park tucked into a open spaces near a subdivision near Dublin.  We were heading out to one of our urban excursions where the road meets the trail.

Dublin Hills is part of East Bay Parks system and is nestled in the hills and   T at the end of a new housing development arching up the hillsides.  Heading out on the trail takes you along side the homes before branching off into grazing land for cattle.

The trails are not to steep but littered with cow pies from all the not-so-content cows that eyed us warily along the trail. 

I found myself shifting back and forth between color and black and white as the vistas and farm land called out for subtle gray tones.

There are a few weeks left in the year and I'm not sure where we finish 2011 on the trail.  Diablo's canyons Morgan Territory's streams would make interesting sights as they rain brings new life to dry creek beds.  It would be great to catch the last glimpses of color on the leaves before winter's grasp closes in for the season.

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