Monday, February 6, 2012

The memory of trees

Sunday's hike was a trip to the hills of Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park where Alice and I planned for a short hike looping through the rows of olive and oak trees along the trail.

This trail was crowed, the most people I think I have ever seen at Pleasanton Ridge.  Everyone was taking advantage of the mild weather and dry conditions to get their exercise on the trail.

The trail we chose climbed quickly winding along the oak trees lining the path.  It turns at a series of olive groves and loops back with spectacular views of the hills surrounding the park.

I think this hike was all about the trees.  Most bare of their leaves branches stretched starkly against the sky they formed a striking composition.  The olive groves stood in contrast with the last remnants of their fruit clinging to the stems some withered and black.

It was a great hike but I am hoping for the rains to come soon so I can plan a return trip to the waterfalls in the area.  I would love to get the winter hikes in while it is still winter.

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