Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winding our way

Sunday's hike took Alice and I to the rolling hills of Black Diamond Mines near Antioch.  We took a trail new to us as he explore the edge of the park looping along Nortonville and Black Diamond trails.

The hike was just over six miles under gloriously blue skies.  The trail wound along the hills descending sharply and switch back forth from dirt path to paved road to rocky trail.

The summer like heat has brought out the blooms as the hills were lush with green around us.  I packed my macro lens and stopped to take pictures of the leaves as they glowed in the afternoon sun.

A steep climb brought us out of the loop back to the site of the long forgotten mining town of Nortonville where only dirt and rock remin.  A short trek had us back at the staging area and heading home after a great hike.

If the summer like weather persists I think I will me making my annual trip up to the summit of Mount Diablo soon.  Cool temperatures and dry conditions make for ideal hiking weather on trails like Mount Diablo and Black Diamond so I will be hitting trail whenever I can.

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