Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The bird is the word

Every Christmas I look forward to one assignment the annual Dressing of the Dog where we torture a dog at the Tracy Animal Shelter dressing it in a hideous Christmas costume.  I can add one more assignment to the actual “I look forward to this” list.  What could actually bring a smile to my face in the midst of all the crap I have to see?  Why it is the annual Running of the Funky Chicken of course.

Covering our little neighboring community to the west most of the assignments or hum-drum.  But one rises like feathered fury from the depths.  During the community’s annual fun run a guest fowl leads the children’s ¼ and ½ mile races.  Behold the Funky Chicken.
Yep it’s a guy dressed in a giant chicken suit being chased by children.  Imagine a giant rubber chicken wearing running shoes, now you’re starting to get the picture.
So anyhow the Funk Chicken starts out in front of the kids and then it is a free for all as they make a mad dash after him like hounds after the fox. 
Just in time the Funky Chicken puts on a burst of speed, red wings outstretched and he launches himself to the finish to stay undefeated.
I can’t think of many assignments outside of Halloween where a grown man runs around children in a chicken suit.  That usually gets you arrested in most states, except Arkansas.
So anyhow one happy feel good assignment down and now the only other thing I have left to look forward to is months away locked in a cage covered with Christmas lights and piddling on the floor.
Yep it’s weird life I live.  Very weird.

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