Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Long shot

I usually preach get as close as you can, shoot with as long a focal length lens as you can and shoot as wide open an aperture as you can when shooting sports photos. Two out of three isn’t bad for this picture shot at a Tracy High versus Franklin High soccer match.

I was shooting Tracy on offense that usually placed me even with the painted goal line for the Franklin goal box. The action in this picture was happening all the way in front of the Tracy High goal where the Tracy player (left) headed the ball away form the Franklin player and the goal on the corner kick.

All the action was flowing toward the Tracy goal and often thought about moving. Murphy’s 1st Law of sports photography states the action always occurs on the side of the field farthest away from you so I knew I was hosed no matter where I stood. Instead I just fired away with the 300mm f. 4.0 lens and 1.4 extender attached to the camera. The result is not bad at all and captures a peak moment of action.

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E.J Abreu said...

Great action shot of Jordan Abreu # 21 Tracy High