Sunday, October 14, 2007

Morgan Territory Pt. II

Clear skies and cool weather called for a hike today so with hiking partner Alice DeLaurier-O’Neil I headed back to Morgan Territory outside Livermore.

This hike would follow a slightly different path heading out from the staging area along the Coyote Trail. This would be another 4 hour hike but with a greatly different view.

Last week’s hike was grasslands and rolling hills while today found us in shade lined grove glowing green with moss. Our hike had us descend into this quiet grove marked by the sound of falling acorns on the trail.

Photo opportunities were around every bend in the trail. From the moss covered landscape to weathered trees to the occasional manzanita tree standing as a red beacon among the cool green tones the hike was a fantastic photo shoot. Even a mysterious animal skull left on a log made for great picture.

The fall colors emerged slowly from the shade and eventually we reached the grassland areas from a week ago. The withered trees lined the trail with a Halloween look just right for the season.

Walking along the dirt trail we spotted fresh mountain lion tracks left in the mud from the Friday rain. Alice stopped to snap a few frames of the paw prints as they wound along our path.

From the lush greens to the dry browns today’s hike was a great study in colors and light. It is fun times with two more hikes scheduled for this year, a mild warm up hike and then the big one, a climb up Mount Diablo from bottom to top. I can only imagine what pictures I will take there.

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Cheri said...

Nice! Love the green moss and the skull. No question those paw prints were fresh!