Sunday, October 7, 2007

Morgan Territory

The latest hiking adventure found me in the grasslands of the Morgan Territory Regional Preserve in the hills outside Livermore. Seven miles hiking through the grassy slopes lie ahead. This hike would find me on the trail with our newest hiking partner Cheri Matthews.

The territory is best described as a desolate place for good reason. A lone jogger and a couple of hiker with dog in tow were our only company on our four-hour walk.

As far as photo opportunities there were not as many as some of the other hikes but I tried to make the best of my time on the trail. Old withered trees were the most interesting item, as they lay scattered among the live oaks dotting the grasslands.

On the trail we noticed a series of paw prints that we guessed were from a mountain line passing through. Other prints were mixed in with the tire and sneaker tracks and were most likely from a raccoon.

Our hike took us close to the Los Vaqueros Watershed and its reservoir. We hiked to the gate before heading back to the parking lot. Along the way we took in the many trees, some bearing a mystery fruit.

Almost home we stopped to check for voice mail and make a quick text message. Our brisk pace on the trail got us back to the parking lot in time to see dozens of Mini Coopers arrive for a club meeting.

I hadn’t been on a hike in some time and it fell good to hit the trails again. I’m not sure where the next hike will take me but I am looking forward to more camera time in the field.


Care said...

Kids, Kids, stop the techno madness! Now you know if I was an active member of the Over the Hill Gang, there'd be a gadget white-out.
Savoring nature's artistry, giving honor to The Artist; that's the ticket. But alas, some habits die hard. I'm not sure we even want a bloomin' watch on the sacred hikes.

Wish I was there ~ text messaging and all.

Tonya said...

Awww....I wanna come next time!