Monday, December 1, 2008

Soak up some sun

With Tracy and most of the central valley blanketed under a thick layer of fog Alice and I headed over the Altamont in search of the sun and a nice hike.

About halfway to Livermore the sun broke through the gray layer as we headed for the Del Valle Regional Park. A hint of a breeze, plenty of sun and warm temperatures greeted our arrival to the Sailor Camp trailhead.

Our hike was planned to be an easy three and half-mile walk that would takes us to the edge of the Ohlone Wilderness. The hike would climb quickly as we traveled the fire road trail bordered by withered trees and California Buckeyes laid nearly bare of their fruit.

Acorns rained down from the trees and a white seed fluff floated across he trail in the light breeze. Colors were vivid on the trail as winter leaves stood out in stark contrast to the groves of trees in the distance.

The hike was a good chance to burn off our Thanksgiving feast and get a healthy dose of sunshine to fight the winter blues.

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