Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Year in Review: The scariest night of the year

This had to be one of the busiest years for spot news that I can think of. Amid the structure fires, drownings, stabbings, and assorted carnage there was one week that provided enough action to last the entire year. The crowning moment of that week of mayhem was a drive by shooting on the south side of town that injured five people.

Two days earlier I stood on the sidewalk on Grant Line Road as officers investigated a man shot in the head. Now I was standing ion the road on Third Street as police officers geared up to search an alley and field for the shooter.

Everyone was tense as this was the second shooting in three days for the town/. As cars passed by officers trained flashlights on the cars to see who was in the car as they approached and what they were doing.

This had to be the assignment I was the most nervous at. As the officers left to conduct their search I was left alone on the road near midnight with an empty Hoyt Park behind me as I waited for a photo opportunity to emerge from the darkness.

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff Glenn! Some awesome shots in there. John U.