Sunday, December 28, 2008

Year's end

With Christmas over and the New Year on the horizon Alice and I headed out for one last hike for 2008. With recent rains and snow on Mount Diablo we planned for a return trip to the waterfall trails on the mountain.

Cool temperatures and a thin line of clouds at the summit greeted us as we made our way on the muddy trail. Fresh cat scat was scattered everywhere as we trudged up the hill.

While we could hear the water rushing along the streambed the waterfalls were sparse along the trail. What falls we did find fell majestically along the cliff side.

Making our way through the trail loop Alice spotted the best photo-op on the hike. Thousands of ladybugs clustered along the edge of the path as they swarmed and spilled over each other along moss-covered rocks and tree branches. We spent almost a half an hour photographing the colony as they wandered about.

With our 6-mile-hike finished we headed for lunch and coffee to celebrate our last hike of 2008. We plan to explore more of the California coastline as we continue or photo safaris of hiking trails around California.

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